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நீர்இன்று அமையாது உலகெனின் யார்யார்க்கும்

வான்இன்று அமையாது ஒழுக்கு.

– வான்சிறப்பு, திருக்குறள் – திருவள்ளுவர்



World can’t survive without water

and morality can’t exist without rains.

– Glory of Rain, Thirukkurral, written by Thiruvalluvar


What is the meaning of "kalingu"?

“Kalingu” means “Sluice with many ventures” in the Tamil language. This is the structure to protect the lake from getting damaged while allowing the water flow in a controlled way for various demands in the downstream 

(see the illustration above, Source: Photo taken at Cauvery Delta, Tamil Nadu, India).


What We Offer

Consultancy and Professional Services in Water and Environment…

We provide exceptional quality

We support WIN-WIN solutions

We do training and Capacity building

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

With High Quality at competitive price

Our Expert Team

Depending on the project’s need, a team of relevant independent international consultants/experts work together to deliver quality services on time at an exceptional price!

Dr P. Suresh Babu

Founder and Director psb@kalinguconsultancy.com

Water Resources Specialist | Hydrologist | Disaster Resilience Expert | Flood Risk Modeller | Climate Change Impact Analyst | Climate Adaptation Specialist | Urban Water Expert | Smart Water Management Expert | Groundwater Modeller | Water Supply Specialist | Drainage Design Engineer | Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Expert | GIS and Remote Sensing Expert | Project Manager | Team Leader and Mentor | Researcher | Trainer | Independent Consultant

International Experts Team

As and when required!

Senior Consultants [Like Mr Suresh Betapudi, Consultant in Catastrophe Risk Modeler | Disaster Risk Analyst | Multi-hazard Risk Assessment | Exposure Data Development | Agriculture Risk | Data Analytics | Remote Sensing and GIS Expert | Spatial Modeler | Software and Product Development | Database Expert]; Senior Water Resources Engineers; Marine and Coastal Modelling Experts; Urban and Transportation Specialist; GIS and Spatial Analyst; Sediment Transportation Modeller; Flow Monitoring Experts [Like http://kizentek.com/]; IT Solution Experts; Experts from different countries (like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, etc.); Academic Partners (International Universities, Institutes, etc.) and Others!